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2) 2020 Document Checklist

Below is a list of  documents that is you have, you will need to upload into Intuit ProConnect or bring to your Tax Preparation appointment.

  • W2 from your employer(s).
  • 1099-INT from your financial institution(s).
  • 1099-DIV from your financial institution(s).
  • 1099-R from your pension or retirement provider(s).
  • W2G from your gambling winnings.
  • SSA-1099 from Social Security Administration.
  • RRB-1099 from US Railroad Retirement Board.
  • 1099-MISC from your other income sources.
  • Unemployment compensation 1099-G from the government.
  • State refund 1099-G from the government.
  • 1099-Q from qualified education program(s).
  • Income and expenses for your business(es).
  • Consolidated 1099 or 1099-B from your broker or barter transaction(s).
  • Rental income and expenses.
  • Farm income and expenses.
  • K1 from your pass-through entities.
  • Student loan interest form 1098-E from your student loan servicer(s).
  • Mortgage interest statement from your bank or mortgage lender.
  • Charitable contribution statement(s) from your charity organization(s).
  • Health/medical savings distribution form, from your bank or financial institution.
  • Tuition statement from your college or post-secondary education institution(s).
  • 1095-A from Health Insurance Marketplace.
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